Plan your roof replacement with us

Plan your roof replacement with us

Is your roof past its prime? It might be time for you to get a roof replacement. We can take care of everything, from tearing off your old roof to putting the finishing touches on a new one. We can do everything from inspecting your decking to installing new insulation when you replace your roof. We'll consult with you to help you decide on the best style and color for your residential or commercial roof.

Let us help plan your roof replacement:

  • Dealing with insurance on your behalf
  • Planning and designing your roof

  • Call 406-599-3684 now to order a roof replacement in Manhattan, Livingston or Bozeman, MT.

    Does your roof need repairs?

    Roof leaks and other damage are often not visible from the ground. Even if you climb onto your roof, you may not spot issues a trained professional will see. These unseen problems can spread throughout your roof and other structures before you notice anything is wrong.

    The crew at Dennis General Contractor offers roof repair services in Manhattan, Livingston & Bozeman, MT that are second to none. Our crew will diligently inspect your roof to determine if a full-roof replacement is necessary or if only some repairs are necessary. We are specialized in working with insurance providers to get your roof approved for the work that's needed to be done. When you hire our crew, we'll inspect your entire roof and mitigate any damages.

    Trust our team to repair:

    • Roof leaks
    • Splitting, blistering and ridging shingles
    • Wind damage
    • Hail damage
    • Missing or bent shingles
    • Shrinkage
    • Fire damage

    Whether your have a small leak or major damage, we'll make sure it's repaired properly. Our company even offers emergency roof repair services. Call 406-599-3684 today to set up your residential roof repair in Manhattan, Livingston or Bozeman, MT.

    Understanding roofing repair costs

    In order to determine the cost of your roof repair, you'll need to have an inspection performed. This will let your roofing contractor know the extent of the damage, the materials required to fix it and the labor cost to do the job. A severely damaged roof may require a new roofing installation instead of a few repairs.

    Whether you need a roof repair or replacement, Dennis General Contractor is ready to help. You'll appreciate our attention to detail and commitment to giving you the safest roof possible.

    Count on our company for roof repair or new roofing installation in Manhattan, Livingston & Bozeman, MT.